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Sep. 2nd, 2010

➌ huhwut?

episode TWO; voice

So, uh, what was with that black stuff the other day? Everything went all creepy all the sudden!

Anyway, I'm getting kinda sick of this place! It's so boring! So I'm going to go make a raft and see how far out I can get. Who wants to help?!

Aug. 25th, 2010

➋ c'moooooooooooooooon

episode ONE; voice

Okay guys, this isn't funny anymore! Where the heck did this mansion come from?! It's not even on the map! No one said anything about randomly being teleported to the middle of nowhere at the end of the trials, and all my PPDs are broken!

Johan, I am really, really sorry for making fun of your robes that one time. Honest! SO maybe you could accept my really honestly heartfelt apology and send some kind of crazy teleportation magic or whatever my way? Please?

...Is this thing even on? Man, this is such a piece of junk! Hello? Anyone? HELLOOOOOOOOOO?